Discover here, the restoration of a 3.0 Carrera. Paint and interior repair with color change, engine repair, undercarriage repair and complete wax protection.

The Carrera 3.0 is definitely worth its weight in gold in the collector’s market. They are still available at reasonable prices, but not always in excellent condition. The owner of this car wanted to have a car in excellent condition, reliable and fully protected.

We start the engine rebuild with a complete disassembly, a good cleaning and a metrology in order to know where all the parts are.

The following parts will be changed: bearings, seals, valves and their guides, segmentation, flywheel and the complete clutch.

An engine aesthetic will also be carried out to give it a new appearance.

The screws and bolts are chromated, the engine plates are sandblasted, chromated and then a baked epoxy is applied.

The body is almost completely stripped for painting, interior and underbody protection.

An original Blaupunkt Köln will replace the existing station.

The underside of the body is cleaned with dry ice blasting to loosen anything that is no longer sufficiently attached.

After this cleaning, an anti-gravelling agent is applied, then a coat of paint of the car’s color is applied.

The steel parts of the running gear are painted black, the aluminum parts are just cleaned.

The car having been painted several times, we remove all the layers down to the sheet metal to avoid any possible reactions between the new paint and the undercoats.

Very little rust on this example that we treat with sheet metal patches and tin finish.

A new undercoat is applied to give a good support to the new paint.

The new color is the oak green metallic available at the time for this model. Its original color was metallic diamond green.

After the painting comes the long operations of reassembling the car with the preparation of the oil circuit towards the front radiator, the electric harnesses, the lights, the bumpers…

We can see here the new dashboard, the new roof sky. Reassembling the windows….

The gas tank has been painted, the interior has been trimmed with beige leather, the carpets are new.

The protective wax is applied to the underside of the car in all corners to give it optimum protection against moisture.

The Fuchs rims are restored and the tires are new. A few more pictures of the finished car as soon as the sun comes out.

Daniel, thank you for entrusting us with this wonderful project!