Authentic wheel restoration

Based on 30 years of experience, ART WHEELS is today the specialist in the restoration of Fuchs and Speedline rims.
The Art Wheels team of craftsmen know how to straighten, uncover or reload cracks in the best possible way.
We use sanding and polishing methods that guarantee a perfect anodization.
Mirror-polished, RS or specific stain, we realize any particular finish desired.
The dip painting method developed by us guarantees the most authentic restoration.
All our services are performed in our workshop and are recognized worldwide.
This know-how allows us to restore other types of rims, do not hesitate to consult us.

Restoration process

Dipping paint and anodizing: a restoration in line with the original
At Art Wheels, we restore your old rims to their original finish.
We’re the only ones to offer you painting by dipping which, as in the original, ensures an impeccable delimitation between the painted part and the rest of the rim.

Rigorous control of geometry and structure
After receipt, your rims are first carefully checked for condition and geometry.
After a first step of cleaning and stripping, they will be inspected again to detect any defects and cracks.

Careful and durable repairs
Your rims are repaired, exposed, and cracks are carefully refilled.
Please note that welded parts cannot receive the anodized finish because iridescence would appear on the surface. Only the “mirror polish” finish makes the repairs invisible.

Quality work, perfect finish
Each rim is sanded to a surface that is perfectly free of visible marks.
Any minor geometry defects are corrected on the lathe.
The rims are then polished before being anodized and painted.

Full polish, special colors: rims modified to your specifications
Our know-how allows us to offer you numerous modifications and personalized finishes.
We offer full polishing, RS finish (matte anodizing), painting with custom colors… Do not hesitate to contact us.

Special wheels & RS and RSR finish
We also restore special Porsche rims. Restoration of RS and RSR rims in matte anodized finish.

Fasteners for Speedline wheels
Available for sale, screws and nuts with the same design as the original Speedline rims.