914 – 2,0l – 4 cylinders – 1974 – 100 hp – 5 speed gearbox.
Complete rebuilding of this Porsche which was initially in very bad conditions.
The restoration was done in the smallest details, it is now new as the day it left the factory.
The break-in is over, the first revision is done, find at the wheel, the sensations of a new car of forty years ago.

L13M saturated yellow color, restored 14″ Fuchs rims and new tires in original size.

The bumpers have been chromed, all lights and seals are new.
The windshield was also changed, the interior was also completely redone.

The stringers were completely rebuilt by hand and treated against rust in situ.
The door panels, front fenders, front face, rear console and rocker panels are new.

The rear fenders have been completely rebuilt by hand.
All adjustments are done with tin, no gram of putty on this 914.

Several layers of protection were applied. The joints were redone as original. The anti-gravel has been dyed to match the color of the paint.

The engine which was also in very bad condition has been rebuilt with its original injection. Cylinders, pistons, valves, guides, seats, camshaft, bearings, injectors are new.

The gearbox has been reconditioned to new, the 5 synchros, 6 bearings and all seals are new. The linkage has also been refurbished, the gears shift perfectly well.

All metal parts of the suspensions are sandblasted, chromated and then painted with baked epoxy. Shock absorbers, ball joints, silent blocks, discs, cables, etc. are new.

This exceptional 914 runs like a new car, it is guaranteed for one year parts and labor. A complete file of restoration realized by an independent expert and a DVD of 1500 photos are also provided.

Mileage : 3500 km – Year : 01/1974 – Price : Sold