Porsche 911 2.2S Targa – 180hp – Matching engine – Matching gearbox 5 – Matching color Light Ivory 1110 – Black interior – Fuchs rims 15′ – Sold new in Avignon – Under restoration in our workshop.

When we bought this 911, the body had just been restored, painted and ready to be put back together. We have found too many errors and wrong ways to simply put it together already. We will take back all the messes to make a hull as it should be.

The engine and the transmission have just been rebuilt, we will also take them back entirely in order to give a guarantee, that’s what you will see in what follows.

The central rear bumper plate is replaced by a new one. The bumpers and bumper strips are modified to their original position.

The height and position of the engine cover are taken over, the rear block is adjusted so that all the joints are in contact on both sides and on their whole length.

Here we start by mounting the windows, the window lifters, the guides, the locks, the striker plates, the hoop and the seals. We replace the passenger door with an original cataphoresis treated one and modify the driver door. We straighten the stainless steel hoop, repair these fasteners and adjust all these elements so that the doors close properly and the glass sits correctly on all the joints.

The rear fenders and rocker panels are reworked to ensure that the door alignments and clearances are correct.

The front panel is not in the right place, it is cut out to be repaired and correctly positioned.

The front floor is changed, the bottom of the wheel arches are repaired.

The wheel arch noses are also repaired.

The front end is adjusted with the fenders, bumper, lights and joints, then welded in place.

The hull and components are sanded and an epoxy primer is applied to the bare areas.

The epoxy primer is sanded and then a polyester primer is applied.

The polyester primer is sanded. A joint is applied between the sheets before the application of the anti-gravel.

The finishing primer is applied and then sanded.

The paint is finally applied.

The body is now painted.

The hull is ready for reassembly, which begins with the installation of the wiring harness and the gluing of the interior tar and soundproofing.

The carpets are also glued, the pedal board is also refurbished.
The revised instruments are reassembled and connected. The steering column and the dashboard trims also take place.

The heating and ventilation system is cleaned, checked and reassembled. The electrical harness and fuse boxes are checked, cleaned and reassembled.

The engine compartment gasket is refitted. The ignition plate is revised, cleaned and reassembled. The electrical harness supports are sheathed.
The interiors of the ceiling lights are new and reassembled. The paint identification plate is riveted.

The windshield surround is redone with new imitation, as is the roll bar surround. The rear window is installed with a new seal and new rods. The front windshield is also installed with a new gasket and strips.

The window lifters are repaired, the velvet window guides are changed. The adjustment is done so that the glass and glass guides are well positioned on the seals when the door is closed. The opening and locking systems are also refurbished and reassembled.

The front axle is reassembled, the brakes are bled. The engine cover is mounted and adjusted.
The rear seats are in place.

The ‘rebuilt’ engine is completely dismantled, cleaned and measured. The reassembly can be started with new bearings, new connecting rod screws….

Cylinders and pistons are in original dimensions. The valves are in the dimensions too. rocker arms and pins are changed. The camshaft mounts require a lot of work to restore them.

The distribution is aligned and wedged.

The injection pump is checked and adjusted, the injectors are cleaned and checked.
The engine is assembled, ready to be coupled to the transmission.

The lights and bumpers are in place. The car is now on its wheels. The front trunk is finished.

Soon, the rest of the comments ;)

Mileage : 0 km – Year : 1970 – Price : On request