MODEL Porsche 911 2.0 T- Original engine
TRANSMISSION manual gearbox 5
COLOR Burgundy Red color of origin
INTERIOR Black Leather Interior
OPTIONS 15″ Fuchs rims – Long chassis

Latest version of the 2.0l 110 hp model. The engine block has just been changed to magnesium on this new model, the chassis is lengthened, the interior evolves and will remain so until 1973.

The body of this car is in very nice condition. No rust is present, all sash adjustments are very clean. The lights and the chrome are perfect.

Its paint, redone in its original color, is of very beautiful presentation, the tension is super, the gloss and top. The wing roots and doorways are also very well treated.

The interior is also very nice, originally beige, it has been completely redone in black. The driver’s seat has a small hole in the imitation. The belts are without retractor. The steering wheel is great and the rear seats are like new. The panels and door bins are very nice.

The front trunk is in very good condition, no rust present. The headlight glasses are the original ones (smooth edge on top). The underbody of the car is in excellent condition.

Technically we have changed the flywheel and the clutch mechanism, we have also changed the first and second gear synchos. We also redid all the engine seals, all the bearings, the segmentation and changed the distribution to hydraulic tensioners.

The car is sold ready to drive, technical control and application for registration made by us. The Porsche identification certificate is provided.