Discover here a restoration project on a 1967 2.0S. Her bodywork was freshly painted when she arrived at the shop. We had to rework some areas in the sheet metal work to get it right. Everything else was also redone in our workshop.

We started by changing the front panel, the front floor, the two half-sills and the battery support plate.

Both front wheel arch noses showed signs of repair, we changed one section on each side.

As always, the front floor is changed hull laid on the marble.

The front fenders were changed, but the turn signal boxes needed to be put back in the right position so that the alignments were as original.

The bumpers also required some structural work to be mounted in the right position.

The alignments of the sashes were also reworked so that the result is perfect.

The hull and elements were primed and painted.

The engine that had been rebuilt was completely dismantled, measured and reconditioned to new.

All bearings and connecting rod bushings are new. New pistons from Mahle and new valve guides.

Motor assembly with chromed screws.

Refurbished Weber IDS carburetors. Gearbox rebuilt too.

The reassembly of the car has begun.

Assembly of the running gear and the braking system.

Assembly of the roof canopy.

Assembly from the inside.

Assembly of electrical equipment.

Assembly of exterior equipment.

Installation of the Webasto system.

Car finished after about 1000 km of tuning and adjustments.

Mileage : km – Year : 1967 – Price :