MODEL Porsche 930 3.3
MILEAGE 102600 km
POWER 300hp – Engine matching
TRANSMISSION manual gearbox 4
COLOR Original color platinum gray metallic 655
INTERIOR Brown/beige interior
OPTIONS Sunroof – air conditioning – Carnet

Of German origin, this 930 is in France since 1998. Its maintenance booklet is well filled in and the technical controls confirm its low mileage. His original meter has not yet been opened.

Its paint has been redone in its original color and looks very good. The 7 and 8 x 16 wheels are also in the color of the car.

The all-leather interior in brown and beige is very well preserved. The driver’s seat could use some new foam cushions. A tinting of the 4 seats will give back the past luster to the interior of this 930

We notice the thinness of the leather coverings of the counter towers, the faces of the cassette drawers and the ventilation nozzles.

The elastic links, brakes and bearings of the rear wheels were refurbished in our workshop between 2011 and 2015. Periodic maintenance was performed in our shop from 2011 to 2015.