MODEL Porsche 930 TURBO 3.0
MILEAGE 137000 km
POWER 260 hp
TRANSMISSION manual gearbox 4
COLOR Metallic silver 936
INTERIOR green leather interior 91
OPTIONS Recaro seat

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 – Matching engine, gearbox and colors – Chassis number 96 out of 695 produced – Delivered new in Germany – Restoration in progress.

Complete car, running in the workshop in 2015 – It was completely dismantled for rehabilitation, keeping all the original parts that can be kept.

The body was chemically stripped, then protected by cataphoresis. The restoration of the bodywork is again in progress. La réparation de la carrosserie est terminée. The painting work has started.

The axles were disassembled, sandblasted, chromated, then an epoxy coating was applied.