MODEL Porsche 914 – 4cyl 2.0l GB47
POWER 100hp- Engine matching
TRANSMISSION manual gearbox 5
COLOR Ravenna Green L65K Color Matching
INTERIOR Black Leather Interior
OPTIONS Fuchs rims

Car delivered new in Italy, purchased in this country from its owner who owned it since 2007. Its history is not documented. Its Ravenna green color is rare on this model but suits it perfectly. Its paint has already been redone but is not of very good quality. The glass of the lights and the bumpers are in good condition.

On the other hand, the body structure is in a remarkable state of absence of rust and repairs. However, there are a few well-localized areas that we will see later on that need to be treated. Given the excellent condition of its body, which is rare on a 914, this 914 deserves an exceptional treatment. We will give it a complete paint job and a restoration to Art-Restoration standards.

As a gift does not come alone, we will exhibit this restored 914 on our booth at the Technoclassica at the end of March. We have four weeks left to meet this challenge, the entire Art-Restoration team is mobilized to deliver an exceptional 914!

The interior is in great condition, the steering wheel will be lined with leather, a vintage radio will be installed as well as an antenna. Failed electrical functions (turn signals, reverse lights, dome light, windshield washer, ventilation) will be restored. The seals on the doors and windshield posts will be changed.

The front compartment will be stripped and repainted, the wiring harness cleaned and checked, as well as the headlight mechanisms. The front cover gasket will be changed and the cover opening puller repaired. The small front left shock will be repaired and the rusty areas properly treated. The front hood will also be straightened, it was deformed to open it when the opening puller broke (this incident is unfortunately not rare on a 914). It is the same for the rear trunk, the small rusted area will be treated by changing the rear trunk bottom sheet. The electrical harness will be taken over and the trunk repainted.

The engine and gearbox will be removed to allow cleaning and reconditioning of the engine compartment. The engine will be cleaned, the recalcitrant bundle of the injection system will be repaired, as well as the support of the ECU and the pressure sensor. The ignition coil support will be repaired. The engine will be serviced, the clutch will be checked and the exhaust silencer will be changed.

The four brake discs are below the minimum thickness value, they will be changed as well as the front wheel bearings. The tires will also be changed, the Fuchs rims will be restored to new at Art-Wheels.

This restored 914 will be sold with its Porsche certificate of authentication and registration application made by the garage.