The restoration work of this turbo continues. After the repair of its bodywork the preparation of the paint is underway.

Complete car, arrived rolling at the shop in 2015. It has been completely dismantled for a complete restoration – Restoration project started then abandoned by its owner.

The bodywork was stripped and chemically derusted, then protected by cataphoresis. The sheet metal repair work has just started again.

The undercarriages were dismantled, sandblasted, chromated and then an epoxy coating was applied.

The body is placed and checked on the plate, good news, all the pigs fall well.

We will start by repairing the defects on the rear part of the hull.

Repair of inserted nuts for door strikes.

Repair of the left and right lower body reinforcements. Cutting of the rear fender bottoms to access the reinforcements.

The vertical reinforcements are repaired, we will repair the rear lower wing and straighten all the deformations of the floor.

Blank assembly of the lights, hood and rear bumper to check and adjust the assemblies. Repair of the docking edges of the rocker panels.

Cutting out damaged front floor sections and bulkhead sections.

Repair of the lower part of the wheel arch. Repair of the wheel arch noses and the front panel.

Adjustment of the repair parts on the wheel arches

Change of the front crossbar, the half-sills and the tank support

Welding of the original interior rocker panels.

Adjustment of door sills and doors. Welding of door sills.

Repair of the original front fenders.

Front block adjustment

Adjustment of rear block and repair of the original engine cover.

Beginning of the preparation work for painting. Application of epoxy primer.

Application of the polyester primer and the finishing primer.

Anti-gravelling of the underside and interior of the hull and painting in its original color.

Mileage : km – Year : 1977 – Price : Price on request