MODEL Porsche 911 3.2 Targa- Year 1985
MILEAGE 183625 km
POWER 231 HP engine
TRANSMISSION 5 speed gearbox
COLOR Indian Red Color Ref 027

Vehicle with partial history.
The bodywork is in good condition. It does not have any rusty parts or dents.
The car has 21mm front and 23mm rear track wideners and a stainless steel exhaust system.
The interior reflects the exterior with a patina that confirms its reasonable mileage.
The engine works perfectly and has a Scart Riva exhaust.
The gearbox control has been renovated, crossbars, bushings, bushing.

Options :
261 – Exterior mirror for passenger side – electrically adjustable and heated
401 – Light metal rims, forged 15 inch which have been replaced by Fuchs 16′.
474 – Sport shock absorber front and rear
533 – Anti-theft device

Work planned for the sale:
Front brake discs
Periodic maintenance with brake fluid
Fixing the Targa roof liner