MODEL Porsche 911 Targa 2.7
POWER 165hp – Engine matching
COLOR Color Matching Orange Continental 107
INTERIOR Black interior
OPTIONS ATS 6×15 rims

Of German origin, this 911 was immobilized for a long period before being put back on the road. Since 2015 in France, we have accompanied its evolution and finally bought it. Its exterior presentation is impeccable, the interior is very well preserved and very clean. This 911 was not rusted or damaged before we started its restoration. We did a complete repaint, including the engine compartment, front trunk and door interiors.

It is equipped with front retractable belts and rear lap belts. The cabin temperature is set manually. The dashboard is not cracked. the seats are not torn and still firm.

All these joints, lights and moldings are in very good condition. The soft roof was completely redone and adjusted. The synchros of the box have been redone. The clutch is new. The running gear is in good condition, as are the brakes. A complete geometry has just been done. The tires are almost new and the rims have been painted.

The engine has just been refurbished, new parts: bearings, connecting rod bolts, cylinders, pistons, oil pump, valves, timing chains and sprockets, etc… It is still in the running-in period.