MODEL 911 2.4 T/E Targa
KILOMETRAGE  32000 km meter
POWER 140hp mechanical injection
TRANSMISSION  gearbox type 915 5 speeds
COLOR light yellow color 117 original
INTERIOR original brown interior

History and mileage not documented. Originally from the US, this 911 is still complete and in its original configuration.
Very nice presentation, some rare traces of use on the paint are however present. The paint has already been redone, but fortunately in its original color.
No rust on this car, except on the driver’s footboard where the beginning of corrosion appears. This point can be treated in our workshop.
The interior is in excellent condition and moreover it is complete. The seats and carpets have been redone. Door panels and bins are great. The atmosphere is soft and warm, it blends very well with the yellow.
The front crossmember has been changed, the work has been well done, no trace of rust in the front compartment.
The tank has also been changed, the carpets are in very good condition.
The engine runs well, the gears shift well. The underside of the car is not rusted at all.
The tires are new. The clearances and adjustments of the sashes are very good.

For the sale, the following work will be carried out: engine overhaul and oil change, rocker arm adjustment, checking and repairing of the braking system, checking and repairing of the electrical system, lighting and signalling. The technical control will be done. Car sold with Porsche identification certificate.