MODEL Porsche 911 – 22E
POWER 155hp
TRANSMISSION manual gearbox 5
COLOR Matching light ivory color 1111
OPTIONS Mechanical work to be done

French car, last owner since 2007. History not known or documented, no notebook. Its bodywork was restored before the last owner bought it. The door sills have been changed, the paint redone. The work is not 100% compliant but robust. The painting is beautifully presented.
The bodywork does not require any structural work. One notes a blister which leaves under the left front headlight. The floor has some rusty areas on the surface that will need to be protected to prevent its continuation. The rims have been restored in our workshop, the tires are new.

The door and hood adjustments are very correct. The interior is well cared for, the carpets and the dashboard have been changed. We note the non-original steering wheel and the missing radio. The engine is not original, it is a 2.0 type 901/07 crankcase from 1968, the injection pump is a 2.0 E from 1969. It has just been completely redone but it doesn’t run well. After some actions it turns better but not as it should. Consider it a do-over. The gears shift without cracking but the shift lever bushings need to be redone. An abnormal noise comes out of the box, consider it to be opened.

The check-up showed a number of anomalies that will have to be corrected, such as a rear wheel bearing, the reverse lights not working, the cabin heating controls seized, the brake discs glazed, the front stabilizer bar silentblocks out of order, etc…
Car sold as is, very reasonable budget considering the remaining work.