Porsche 911 2.2 T Targa – 125hp – 5 speed manual gearbox – Matching engine – Matching color light yellow 6210 – Black interior – Fuchs rims – Restoration in progress.

911 of US origin, bought by an Austrian in 2008 who dismantled it partially but did not start its restoration. We purchased it in 2014.

We completely dismantled it to do a chemical stripping and a cataphoresis (black color).

The hull is in fairly good condition, minor repairs are necessary and sufficient.
The door has traces of rust on the lower part. an outer panel slice is changed.

The inner and outer rocker panels are changed. The right rear fender half is replaced due to an old repair that was not well treated.

Fittings and finishes are treated 100% with tin.

The hull is coated with an epoxy primer.

A polyester primer is applied before painting

The hull is painted in its original color, light yellow.

All the elements of the car are also painted.

The reassembly began with the cable gland protectors and the floor tar insulation

Dressing of the interior.

The gearbox is rebuilt, the synchros and bearings are changed to new.

Concerning the engine, the rocker arms are adjusted, the ignition is revised, the carburetors are cleaned with ultrasounds.
The sheet metal is painted, the screws are chromated and the hoses are changed. The flywheel and clutch are new.

The undercarriage components are sandblasted, chromated and then a baked epoxy paint is applied.

Reassembly of the running gear and the braking system. The electrical connections and the bearings of the running gear are refurbished.

The 911 is starting to take shape.

It is ready for 1000 km of road to validate its reliability in all conditions of use.

Mileage : km – Year : 1970 – Price : sold