MODEL Porsche 911 3.2L
MILEAGE 210663 km
COLOR Prussian Blue Ref 33X
INTERIOR Blue half-leather
OPTIONS High hub sport steering wheel, 16′ Fuchs wheels, Electric sunroof

This Porsche 911 3.2L Gearbox 915 has everything to please…

Its color, Prussian Blue, which highlights the lines of its body work combined with its half-leather interior, fabrics with blue tennis stripes, blue carpets.

Its options, sports steering wheel with raised hubs, its 16′ Fuchs wheels and its electric sunroof. Air conditioning and a Scart exhaust were added as accessories.

Its regular maintenance and follow-up is based on a thick file of invoices. A major engine maintenance has just been carried out with adjustment of the rocker arms, replacement of the distributor, spark plugs, oil change, filter and replacement of the brake fluid.

Its interior is complete and in very good condition. Its comfort half-leather seats invite you to travel or cruise on small roads while ensuring support and comfort.

The bodywork is in good used condition and will be polished for sale.

Rolling provides real driving pleasure firmly planted on its new Michelin tires and to the sound of the Scart exhaust.